This Mucky Age

by Matt Finucane

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released July 25, 2011

Vocals, guitar, bass gtr, percussion: MF
Beats & loops, bass synth, keyboards: Marko Nardini
Written by MF, produced by MF / MN
London 2010


all rights reserved



Matt Finucane Brighton, UK

Brighton based singer/writer/horror freak Matt Finucane takes his influences from Lou Reed, Mark E Smith and horrible electronic noise (despite primarily performing on acoustic guitar), and is happy to be “an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational”, as Ringmaster Reviews wrote. He’s always working on new material, now with a live band. ... more

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Track Name: Harder to Care
Do you know what
I don't want to sound small-minded
But it's getting so much harder
To pretend I care
If good people admired me
Maybe I'd be happy
And generally better
In every way
But as it is
Feels like a waste of energy
And sometimes it feels like
We've reached Act III
No no no, no no no no no no no...
Can't treat your life that way now
Revelling in cloak and dagger
Pretending to be younger
Oh for how much longer
I could tolerate your shit
If I were richer
I should be an arms dealer
Or perhaps a mercenary
No no no...
You can't afford a new identity
You've got to find an escape route
Can't treat your life that way...
Wouldn't it be nice
If we had more to hide
I don't want to sound high-handed
But I think that I can take it
Bring on the emotional chaos
Bring on the emotional chaos
I'm a manipulative tart
And one day I'll learn to handle
Something so very useful
Track Name: Hands Up
Hands Up! who believes in trophy shags Hands Up! for gridlock overhead Hands Up! for rotten teeth and rickets Hands Up! for an office creche Hands Up! for a fat rubbish bag Hands Up! for sleep-walking, and home movies on CCTV... There's a fear in my eyes...
The ideas, worn so thin
Passed from hand to hand
Till you could see thru them
Where have the mutants gone?
Neurotic, over-specialized
But I wish they'd persevere
Hands Up! who can make predictions Hands Up! who believes their assumptions Hands Up! for a fat rubbish bag Hands Up! for a pat ending...
Don't stand on yr dignity, you're just another animal...
The Mushroom of Efficiency
Is prodding you awake
He's a cartoon character, a hologram
And he means well
But he'll report you if you're late
And I say please turn out that fucking light!
Track Name: Wet Dream Disaster
Show me something certain/I want to upset it/show me something settled and I want to ruin it/yeah it's pretty childish/being a professional malcontent/but at my age I don't think I'll grow out of it/and I dream... of the apocalypse sometimes x2/But if that were to happen/music has no meaning/if it's all confusion with no-one to listen/so there is an interest, you see/it is very vested/hopelessly enmeshed in society/there's just no escape from the human race x2/it's an old old problem/perhaps it's familiar to you/I think you're a lovely person/but I just don't like your face/and I dream... x2
I passed you in the street, you didn't see me
It caught in my throat, I never asked to like you
Didn't even ask to know you
That puts an obligation on me, of sorts
But how much is it worth, oh darling take it off me
Darling take it off me
So be careful who you step on/don't trash their foolish dreams/although I have no feeling for the underdog/just like all other sadists/I've got a sentimental streak/and I'll never ask you to show me your emotional range...
Show us what you're like under stress they say
we really want to know
...And it's the old story/what troubles you/all this raillery rings hollow/I'll have to show my hand after all/And the streets are blue/with psychic residue/they don't care about you and me/or our quarrels/which is just as it should be...
A few ounces of pressure/that should pull the trigger/which is why I'm hiding in the cellar now/it's the dream of the social loser/it's a WET DREAM of DISASTER/someday a hard rain's gonna come, and I'll get my payback etc etc...
Track Name: Degenerate Son
My idiot son believes in
Degenerate son believes in x2
He hardly ever questions
One single thing
But now he's getting restless
My idiot boy he asks me
Is having no children a sign of immaturity?
Degenerate son
Idiot boy
Oh who'd have his life now?
Turns up on my doorstep
After ten years off absence
And asks me if I can make him a sandwich
He thinks he's got a licence to
Act like some kind of holy fool
And are his insights ever going to move you?
His attitude needs adjusting
He's boring and complaining
Won't circumstances force him to see
His opinions mean nothing
Degenerate son
Gold-plated tin
Oh I've got his life now
In the mirror
We are identical
It's a cop-out, but
I look at him
And we are one and the same
And we cry, oh we cry
Won't you give us something new
But not too new
He's gullible but scornful
And his laughter is defensive
And you'd better watch out for his sex drive
It's quite ugly
Because we can't delay our pleasure
And we want to keep on pushing
The big red button
Track Name: Clumsy
I'm very clumsy
Set myself up
And hope someone will catch me
But I know one day
There'll be no more security
No more surety
To pick up the tab
Yeah, I'm very greedy
However much affection is given me
It's never enough
To be reassuring to
Some standard-issue insecurities
Never gonna catch me unawares
Unawares now, unawares now
...Unless you got some
Stealthy shoes on
Wake up
Into a world that no-one wants to know about
Prescriptions for fun
They all seem to have run out
Which we all know isn't so
But it's time to reconstruct
Never gonna catch me...
Unless you got stealthy shoes
And you've been to charm school
The battle's over now
And what have you won? (rpt)
Will you take a turn with me through the park...?
Track Name: Brown Envelope Man
Is hassling me
Got facts & figures
Which don't relate to me
And the girl with black hair
Is smiling at me
I wish she was my enemy
Has spidery fingers
And eyes that seem only
To ever look inwards
And the girl...
Keeps smiling at me
I wish...
And I didn't have the heart
To tell myself I was distracted
I didn't have the sense
I gilded the lily till it exploded
Gotta get away
I'm under scrutiny
It's his world
Was it a borrowed fascination
Or just a symptom?
Track Name: Race the Skyline
It's a race against the skyline
Dawn has set a powder trail
And you've got to get back home...
It's not very flattering
Letching and a-boozing
But a privilege to leave yrself behind (sometimes)...
Do you think you've found the answer?
Well, you know my friend
You're very lucky if you do
But who knows one day you may find
In the twisted maze
That it is wrapped all around you
And there's no consolation prizes...
No consolation prizes
Nor is there a law to say there should be
There's a cold spot over there
That little shadow
On the stairs
Where one will drop the other
And when it comes to the end
Do you think you'll be kinder
Or just more careful at the end x3
And it's slipped right through your fingers
So you tell yrself
Was a pale passing thing
It's not easy
Staying wrong

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